On February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine.
For an independent state. Having put forward before it, at 4 o'clock in the morning, ridiculous reasons.

There is not enough time and nerves to discuss this idiocy.
With the latter, we, the citizens of Ukraine, are now difficult.
Because we are bombarded day and night.
Ordinary, peaceful, civilian people.
They destroy our cities and villages.
Destroy houses, kindergartens and schools, production and trade facilities.
This is the genocide of the Ukrainian people.
This is a war against the people of Ukraine.

I, Yury Vladimirovich Shengur, am the founder and author of the FUDJ system.
A resident of Ukraine, the city of Kharkov.
I am not a politician or an official.
I am a simple person doing what I love.
I am your colleague, furniture maker.

I call on all citizens of the Russian Federation - stop the war in Ukraine!
If you are a soldier - do not go to the War!!
By any means, sabotage the orders of your superiors.
Turn on your brain! Better a reprimand and even prison than your death here in our fields...
You are being misinformed. Here, tens of thousands of yours were killed ...
Starting from conscripts and ending with elite units and generals.

If you are an ordinary civilian resident of Russia.
Picket and organize mass gatherings.
You have been made slaves!
Drop the yoke. Your president is not a king.
He is just as mortal as you. He is not a god!

You can write for a long time, but you can’t describe everything ...
We have a war!!!!
You, the inhabitants of Russia, are killing us!
By the hands of your president.
By the hands of your indifference!

But. We are a free people.
Ukrainians are strong. And no matter how many orcs come at us, we will win!
YES!! There will be only one winner in this war - UKRAINE !!!!
We are on our own land. We are defending our country!!
This is the land of our ancestors. We have lived here and will continue to live here.
And those who came to us with weapons will die like a mad dog in the field.
And it will be fertilizer for our black soil.
Every day we fight, we win!
And Russia is rolling into the abyss, just like every day, deeper and deeper ...

Russia closed Facebook and Instagram.
And other social networks are closed.
Russian censorship does not let the truth through.
So that the population lives in an information bubble.
For those who want to know the truth, I will leave links to newsgroups below.
Come and read real news, not fake news!
Videos and photos are posted by ordinary citizens of Ukraine.
We share this information with each other in order to be aware of where and what was fired or blown up.
Many of us had to leave home.
But at the same time, the soul hurts behind the house.
This is to say that if there were fakes in these groups, then we ourselves would not read or watch them.
And this is public information. As they say "word of mouth".

And in conclusion.
If someone wants and can help us, I will leave the details below.
Every citizen of Ukraine needs help now.
Everyone now has losses and losses from shelling and bombing.
Whether it concerns housing. Whether it concerns business.
We will be grateful for any help.
Regards, Yuri.
In RUB :
Wallet number in "yoomoney" - 410011692042140

In UAH :
Mono bank card - 5375 4115 0345 4691

Crypto currency :
Система = BEP-20 (BSC) Binance Smart Chain

Система = BEP-20 (BSC) Binance Smart Chain



Слава Украине!


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