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Clamp 12132

This is a necessary element!
It is for fixation during operation. This works in conjunction with the "stop for the versatile tabletop "

Weight: 0.400 кг
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According to the main dimensions this clamp corresponds to the model 12130 but has an elongated presser bar.

This powerful yet compact clamp is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, such as fixing workpieces on a workbench, in self-made fixtures or in situations where fast fixation and release of a part is of great importance. The handle has a convenient shape and a coating of rubber or plastic. Four holes for fixing to the surface allow to firmly fix the clamp on a flat surface. Due to small dimensions this powerful clamp can be used where conventional clamps (with a similar clamping force) can not be installed. Fixing the part is quick and easy (in the vertical position of the handle).

This clamp is used for the following cases:

1. Fixing the furniture conductor "Termite" or "Termite-mini" on the workpiece, while drilling on the plane.
2. Fixing the workpiece on the desktop.
3. This is used in conjunction with the "universal tabletop stop".
Clamp 12130 in the most distant position does not reach the workpiece!


1. Clamp 12132 - 1 pc.

Principle of operation

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Steel (High-quality constructional carbon steel)
Overall dimensions L x W x H (mm):
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