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Button Fungus v.2.0 - 30 mm

It connects TWO "stop block".
It has a hole M6 for the screw.

Weight: 0.010 кг
In stock


It is button for templates, since version 5.2

This applies to the following:
1. Positioning the "Termite" templates near the edge of the workpiece.
2. Fix the attachments "Upper stop block" and / or "Lower stop block " on the "Termite" templates.
Button "Fungus" v.2.0 - 20 mm. = connects one "stop block" with a template "Termite".
Button "Fungus" v.2.0 - 30 mm. = connects two "stop block" with a template "Termite".

With this button You can quickly and accurately position the furniture template near the end of the workpiece.
It is very convenient for positioning templates at a given distance from the edge of the workpiece.

Packet content:

1. Button "Fungus" v.2.0 - 30 mm - 1 pc.

Principle of operation

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Polyoxymethylene (POM)
Overall dimensions L x W x H (mm):
Product weight (kg.):


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